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November 2009

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Did somebody say debate?

 The battlefield is “healthcare reform” and the lines have been drawn. I can’t seem to turn on the television, radio, or browse through the daily news without hearing about the “debate.” 
The newest debacle in left- leaning Portland is over Whole Foods’ CEO John Mackey’s editorial that he wrote in the Wall Street Journal entitled “The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare.” I won’t get into it, you can read all about it here:
Now I don’t really shop at Whole Foods - there isn’t really one close to me and they aren’t exactly the cheapest market on the block - but then again, I don’t usually choose to do business based simply on politics. I don’t look up donating records to see what political parties a particular company has given contributions to - and even when it is public record, I don’t care. It is their right to do what they believe is best for their business, their families, and their country. 
But apparently, 23,000 people disagree with me and have joined www.wholeboycott.com 
I don’t think that the company is doing anything evil or immoral. Working for Whole Foods is an “at will” contract, you don’t have to work there if you’d prefer unionized employment. Even if I don’t agree with everything that Mackey says, he puts his money where his mouth is - Whole Foods has some of the best health plans that any company can offer - union or not. 
The store naturally appeals to progressives (featuring organic, natural, fresh foods and whimsical pan-ethnic ingredients) but those same customers have felt betrayed that the CEO is actually a conservative. I wonder if some Alice Cooper fans rallied in protest because in recent years he turned towards Christian beliefs? 
Maybe someday people will see that those on the opposite side of the political spectrum aren’t all diabolical in nature. Most people have the same core beliefs as Americans, it’s only the execution of those ideas that we disagree. Hopefully, one day this will all be behind us and we can enjoy a healthcare system that is affordable, effective, and focused on preventive life styles.