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May. 29th, 2009


Relive the experience


May. 24th, 2009

HK Fever

I'd Like to Start a Revolution

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” (Ambrose Redmoon)

I'd like to propose that people do the right thing without being forced or asked.

That those will stand up and do what is right rather than do what is popular.

That rather than assuming the worst in people, do that which will bring out the best.

This won't be an epidemic, it won't spead wide and far. It won't be as popular as E! TV's "Most Outrageous Celebrity Fueds."

But at least it will begin. And it will begin with me.


I'm just a door, thank you.

 Facebook has this convienent function where you can automatically add contacts from your email account. 

It isn't so convienent when one's email account is tied in with The Slants mailing list of over 15,000 contacts, like mine. Thankfully, it only adds about 500 at a time so the flood wasn't as bad as it could have been. I didn't even realize it because I just let the function run and went to bed. 

In the morning, I received a Facebook chat inquiry - one of the attendees at Sakuracon saw us through the window of the hotel across the street when we were hanging out in the green room. I guess people were trying to take pictures of the guests and what not. Anyway, it didn't take long for him to ask - "I saw you hanging out with Girugamesh, what do you think of them?"

Occassionally, I get this. People contact me to get inside information or to feel vaugely connected with someone else. This happened last night when we played a show in Eugene; someone was wearing a Ramones shirt and asked what Joey Ramone was like. For the record, I never met him but some of my former band mates (in The Stivs) were in Joey's final band. But because I might know someone who knows someone, or met someone in the past, they feel a residue from another's glory. 

These things can't be avoided, it is just part of life. Maybe some day, a fan will ask one my associates or another band - "You know Simon from The Slants?! What is he like?" Of course, they could always just talk to me directly. But people like doors, its comforting.

May. 23rd, 2009


Show last night, show tonight

Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is The Slants. When I'm not playng shows, I'm booking them. When I'm not booking, I'm maintaining one of 6 websites that we have up, monitoring RSS feeds of the latest reviews/news/torrent sites that have popped up, or just answering general email. I know that someday, we'll hie a manager. Hopefully that will be some day soon. 

Last night, we played a show at the Red Room. Although it isn't our favorite stage to play (its a little cozy up there), the staff treat us very well. There were two other bands on tour (well, one band really since it was the same lineup but they just played Sublime cover songs) that freaked out and left because they didn't want to play first. The club had us headlining because we were the draw - it wouldn't really make sense for them to play after us anyway because most of the crowd wouldv'e probably left. Anyway, it was bteween the club and the band anyway. I was down the street playing Double Dragon with Jon. 

Tonight, we're playing at the WOW Hall in Eugene. I love that room, its a great venue with a nice large stage. The kids in Eugene are also a great crow - they really get into it and make us feel as though we were rockstars or something. I think we might be one of the few touring bands that get kids in Lolita and cosplay at our shows on a regular basis. 

May. 22nd, 2009


I Live...Again

 I always wanted to quote that infamous live from Army of Darkness...and for the last few days, I kind of feel as though I've been hacked to pieces by a chainsaw and left for dead, buried in some random graveyard. 

OK, so maybe you haven't seen the movie (but you should because it's a classic). Point is, I've decided to start writing on Livejournal again because I thought I'd be a great way to just rant, ramble, and rave. I thought it'd be another way for Lauren and I to connect and practice our writing. 

My old journal, "welovesimon" was deleted a while ago - and with it, memories of a distant and horrid past have been purged. Things have changed quite a bit and now I feel much better about life than ever. 

So why did I mention feeling like I've been hacked to pieces? Well, at the moment I am not at liberty to say. All I can say that it involves a certain group who decided to try hurt me and now lawyers are involved. Good thing I have like 4 lawyers. But justice doesn't come cheap. So I have to how much its worth to stick to my guns and stand my ground.

Too bad I can't just solve all my problems with a "boomstick" and chainsaw for an arm. 

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