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Simon Young on LJ

thoughts, prose, and rock n roll

30 March
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My name is Simon, I play bass in THE SLANTS and do bass/vocals in LAST STOP TOKYO. I used to play bass for THE STIVS and play guitar/sing for THE ROCKAWAY TEENS.

I've been playing music since 1990 and have been involved with over 50 bands since then. I started a record label in 1997 called SBG Records and we produced, promoted, and released local music independently. In 2000, I changed the name to Populuxe Entertainment and focused on photographing artists, opening a vintage clothing store, and promoting punk rock bands. Music is a huge part of my life.

I've also spent over a decade working with non-profit organizations building orphanages, churches, and homes as well as providing emergency relief for the needy around the world. These days, I fight cancer and for Asian American advocacy.

I'm a workaholic, but outside of that I have many passions. I love studying religion, philosophy, and cultures around the world. I enjoy cooking, shopping, and traveling.

I'm in love and my heart is taken.

I'm your spice in life, the gin in your vermouth.