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November 2009

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I'm Sort of Back

Richard Hell used to sing "love comes in spurts!"

That's like me and any normal pattern of blogging at all. I don't really post notes, blogs, or whatever on regular intervals. I'll sign on and crank out a few, then take a short break (sometimes days, weeks, or months) until I think of something else interesting, clever, upsetting, or lovely to say. I'll hop online only to work, check email, update Slants stuff, and find funny videos on YouTube to send to Lauren.

When I do come back to see everyone else's endless blogs and status/profile updates, my initial reaction is thinking "I need to catch up, I've been missing out, things have changed, etc..." But then I realize, very little has changed at all. The same people who always complain about everything are still complaining. The people who are always obsessed with something are still fixated on their obsession. The people who update their facebook status every 23 minutes are still updating with every little change that no one cares about...

And where have I been? I've been too busy to spend enormous amounts of time on social networking sites: working, writing and recording an album, beating several video games with Lauren, taking our puppy out for walks, exploring the city (and the city of books) with Lauren, eating great food, reading books, and so on. I realize that I've been too busy to sign on...and in fact, it isn't me who is missing out at all.


More people need to be like you. Instead of complaining about life or boredome, they need to be out there doing something productive. I am guilty of being one who doesn't change and let's the world around me change, but lately I've been walking my lab, going to the new shops that open, trying new pho, finding something to do. My next goal is to start playing bass. I should have one by the end of the week. ^^

You're right. You aren't missing out. It's those who do nothing that do.
You are totally right. <3